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With a passion for high-quality products and services, I’ve been involved in this industry since 2014. I believe my background has created a heart to bring out a clients best.  As a teenager, I suffered with cystic acne.  This is where I discovered how to take care of my skin and the power of makeup to help deal with the embarrassment. 
In college, I majored in Art .  I learned color theory, techniques and different mediums that have give me a deeper understanding of makeup and its potential.  For example, I took airbrush classes and now I use it to apply makeup.  I use equipment and products that are used by professional makeup artists.  I have received training from Makeup First of Chicago and Kett Airbrush Certified by MuseBeauty Pro in St Louis at Paul Mitchell.  I have been married to a farm boy for 33 years, have two grown sons and two furry four legged daughters.  I love to travel, be with friends enjoying a good bottle of wine and being at home in front of a fire with my beloved.  If you have any questions about GG Makeup Artistry please contact me, I would be happy to assist you. 
Gayla Gastler

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