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It's more than makeup...

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Being a professional makeup artist is a privilege. When a client seeks services, my mission is to glean information to bring an ideal to reality. Social media is a source many clients use for inspiration. It's my job to use these ideas, my skills and knowledge of the client to create the look desired. Knowing a client establishes trust and disclosure of information that allows a deeper understanding, resulting in a client glowing with confidence. I have had clients cry tears of joy in my chair, some never knew what could be discovered, others being a bride was brought to a reality.

A Bride is the focus of the wedding. They want to "Take his breath away", but still be themselves. As stated prior, social media is a great source but can be confusing..."How will this look on me? Is this me? Bridal trials allow collaboration between artist and client to create a bride's look that brings out her best.

A wedding is a very special day, it is my responsibility to ensure my job is done at the proper time with professional results that last through tears, rain, humidity etc... A schedule is created with approval from the bride to allow smooth transition and keep nerves calm. To ensure safe, lasting results, sanitation protocol and proper skin prepping according to skin type and weather is followed. Sonia Roselli, KETT, Danessa Myricks, Viseart, GLAMCORE, are a few products used to create flawless looks that are staples of professional makeup artist's kits and created for the digital age.

GG Makeup Artistry is happy to assist you in creating a look for your wedding or special event. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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