"This #1 Pro Tip For Perfect Complexions You Won't hear Beauty Influencers Talk about"

As a makeup artist that has worked on hundreds of faces, I can say "The Key" to great makeup is happy skin. Not primers or foundations, skin care that gives the "Love" skin needs are essential.

Sonia Roselli an esthetician and pro makeup artist for 25+ years, loved to play in beauty products. But one day, she woke up with angry skin, and her days of trying new beauty products were over. Everything she touched irritated her skin. Especially the so called "anti-aging" products. Sensitive skin is caused by a broken skin barrier. Sonia formulates with innovative chemists in Japan and Korea where a healthy skin barrier is at the core of their skincare formulations.

I personally use her products and they are a staple in my kit. I have suffered from acne to some degree since high school. What I didn't know I had a broken skin barrier causing breakouts, over cleansing due to being oily caused this issue. Then Sonia's products came into my life, calm happy hydrated skin perfected my makeup. It was a no brainer to add it to my kit. If you desire skin that looks good with or without makeup, check out my link:

What are you waiting for awesome skin awaits!


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